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My Story

Hi! My name is Lj

I am a self-taught hand-balancer from a small town in Ontario, Canada.

I had an active childhood running around in the outdoors, but maybe to your surprise, never took dance or gymnastics. I really just loved to PLAY, and as a kid that worked well for me. But as I started to get older, I began playing LESS, got distracted with being an "ADULT", and started gaining weight. 

Instead of crushing workouts, I was crushing Netflix, and feeling a lack of direction in my life...

I spent almost 2 years feeling LOST...

....when suddenly something sparked my interest!

It was a small goal, one that made me feel EXCITED enough that I thought "perhaps I could follow through on making it happen".

I decided I wanted to learn how to do a HEADSTAND!

I actually remember thinking "I'm too old to learn...", and let myself feel very discouraged before I had even tried.

Let me be the first to say, that is complete BS...!!

And If I could say anything to my former self it is that you do not know what you are capable of until you have put in an honest EFFORT.

I started with the goal of 5 minutes a day...

...dedicated to learning the proper form I would need to achieve a headstand.

Those 5 minutes a day flourished into a PASSION for learning the BEST techniques to enhance my practice.

I created my Instagram, @TheInversionAddict, and since then have helped HUNDREDS of people achieve physical goals they once thought were impossible, and I want to do the same for YOU!

I believe that this is a very rewarding skill that takes hard work and dedication, but with accountability and proper training, everyone has the opportunity to achieve their inversion goals.